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In an unknown solar system, discover the vast expanses of a planet lost in the infinity of universes.
All the images are taken in the game vl2rl352 © , not yet having the financial means and sufficient flow to publish videos taken in the game.
Thierry, creator and developer of the game.
Sunrise in the atmosphere.

Satellites in orbit as seen from the planet.

Speed 500Km / h (310.68 Mph) over an ocean.

Tests rendered atmospheric, weather, winds, temperatures, textures and level of realism.

Classification of the game vl2rl352.

The game is free, it is in the Alpha phase, 80% developed, it will be downloadable for free on the “ Epic Games Store © ” platform.
• It is available in 106 languages.
• An advanced profile management system with a password allows the game to be used on the same computer by several players ( recreation center, a single computer, cloud, usb, etc. ).
• An intelligent saving by profile takes care of making you resume the game where you left it and as you left it (objects, weather, etc) in a transparent way.
• The game vl2rl352 © is developed with the version and using the most recent technologies of the video game engine Unreal Engine © developed by Epic Games ©.
• The textures ( and others ) are all in their highest possible definition (2k / 4K), it sends heavy, but puree that it is beautiful, one of the goals of the game is the “ wow! " stake.
• The elements used in the game and which are not mine, are made by the best "builder" in their specialization in Unreal Engine ©, and their prices are high, the rights are acquired legally.

• Nvidia RTX © and Nvidia DLSS ©, compatible it will be.
It's just a compilation and some rendering tests, like I said above, I don't yet have the means to finance the hardware to generate a version of the game Nvidia RTX © and Nvidia DLSS ©, at the moment I 'uses a machine that is 4 years old to work, as my grandfather used to say to me, “ only bad workers have bad tools. ", Just there, every time I use the game I always have a" wow! " ”With 4 years of technology. Except that each Unreal Engine © version update takes around 3 hours to generate a new version of the game.

vl2rl352 ©
To help me end the development of the game and fund:
Graphics cards, processors, memories, ssd, os, screens and internet connection speed.
A hall of fame will be made in all vl2rl games, your name or nickname will be there ( if you want it )
Thanking you in advance, because it will help me enormously, because I have more budget!

Minimum configuration:

Windows 10 64-bit operating system
Core i3 3.3 GHz processor.
2 GB graphics card memory (DirectX 12 recommended): Nvidia GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870.
Need 18GB storage space.

The Pegi 3 classification:

With this classification, Pegi 3, the content of the game vl2rl352 © is considered suitable for all age groups. The game does not contain any sounds or images that may frighten or frighten young children.
There is no form of violence and foul language.

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Music, enjoy while listening.

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