From virtual to real or from real to virtual.

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Red Dead Redemption II balade virtuelle.

11/17/2019 17:56:48 by 489945901 (fr)
Quand les mondes virtuelles deviennent beaux.

Vl2rl, the future of digital walks in the open world.

09/27/2019 17:58:42 by 489945901 (en)
image-129Without the technical and financial limits due to profitability obligations

Vl2rl, finally towards the beauty of the virtual worlds.

09/27/2019 17:50:54 by 489945901 (en)
image-128The future of the virtual worlds is the junction of talents, artists and those who spend thousands of hours doing things.

Vl2rl, Mesh: import test.

09/27/2019 17:48:59 by 489945901 (en)
image-127Imports of 3D objects directly into virtual worlds.

Viewer Vl2rl, the client and 3D engine.

11/02/2019 18:14:53 by 489945901 (en)
image-126Visual Studio Code 1.30.2, Long live C ++ ... (lol)

Automatic Terraforming, August 29, 2019.

09/27/2019 17:43:56 by 489945901 (en)
image-125Reproduction by millimeter of a band of Earth.

Getting started simulation, August 28 2019.

11/02/2019 18:12:10 by 489945901 (en)
image-124Start of the primary grid.

Server prototype creation, August 27, 2019.

09/27/2019 17:40:17 by 489945901 (en)
image-123That's the project is finally gone after more than 10 years!